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When I moved into my first home, I quickly realized I had expensive taste and a small budget. So to get the style I wanted, I started to DIY. Over the past 10 years, I’ve learned through trial and error what works and what doesn’t but I’m also constantly learning with each new project.

My favorite projects involve anything antique or vintage. I absolutely love the character these pieces bring to a room. On most weekends, you can find me in my office/workshop brainstorming, blogging, or working on a project. BUT that’s only if I don’t have the urge to see what I can find at an auction or thrift store. My eye is always open for unique pieces (even if it’s sitting on the side of the road in a trash pile!).

Recently, I was contacted by the website Hometalk to participate in a new program they are launching in the Houston area called “Team Up.” Team Up provides Hometalk members the option to hire an all-star Hometalker (me) to teach & assist with a DIY project. Of course I accepted the opportunity and it really opened my eyes to the possibility of doing what I love full time.

Fast forward a few months and now I’m creating a blog, flipping furniture to sell (visit my Shop), taking custom orders and looking to turn my hobby into a small business.

If you’re in Houston or the surrounding areas, please check out my Hometalk profile to learn more about Team Up. However, if you’re not interested in DIY, I’m also available for custom orders. To discuss a custom order¬†contact me¬†and I’ll return your email within 24 hours.


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